Office-Based Anesthesia.

We transform your private practice procedure suite into a full service ambulatory surgical environment that safely delivers outstanding personalized care for your patients.

Lead your practice into the future, empower your patients with cost effective options, and deliver truly personalized patient care.


Surgery Logistics’ perioperative professionals utilize methodologies that ensure superior anesthesia outcomes. Multiple published studies highlight these advanced office-based techniques as achieving remarkably high levels of patient satisfaction, drastically reduced nausea, and extremely efficient recovery intervals. Patients are also benefiting from the significant cost reduction in providing care in office-based environments. This is a welcome relief in a healthcare market plagued with rapidly increasing deductibles.


As part of our complete service, we provide all the perioperative support, supplies, and medications required to deliver superior outcomes within your office-based procedure suite. The end result is an unparalleled patient experience in the comfort of your private office. Our patients often tell us their experience is the best they have had.


Surgery Logistics is partnering with select professional practices in order to deliver a turnkey professional mobile anesthesia and perioperative care support service. From pre-procedure care and assessment through pain management, recovery, and post-procedure follow-up, our complete professional anesthesia services make it easy for surgical and procedural professionals to expand their office-based procedure offerings.

We look forward to meeting with you to provide your free site evaluation. An analysis of your office facility is the first step in taking advantage of the full potential of office-based procedures within your practice!