Lead. Empower. Transform.

Lead relentless process improvement, empower clinical staff, and deliver leading practice transformation.

With Surgery Logistics, you have the solution at your fingertips to lead your perioperative environment in the right direction – towards an efficiency and effectiveness never seen before in your OR.

Surgery Logistics allows staff to empower themselves, using a robust OR communications platform that delivers feedback instantly for clinical managers, physicians, staff, and patients. It automates patient status notifications, alerts, and staff triggered messages to facilitate rapid and up-to-the-minute awareness for clinical staff and administrators. With this new found efficiency and control, staff can spend more time caring for patients and less time feeling helpless and defeated.

The measure of our success is based on our ability to deliver fundamental transformation within your perioperative environment. At Surgery Logistics, our focus isn’t hardware, consulting, or even software… those are simply our tools. Our concentration is on the implementation of your leading practice.

Marva Harrison, MBA, RN, Vice President for Perioperative Services
“With the logistics software and the consistent focus on PI, our cases being on time and our turnover times are among the best in the country. I would put us up against any surgery center. And we didn’t do it by adding staff or more ORs. We did it with our efficiency.”
Marva Harrison, MBA, RN, Vice President for Perioperative Services INTEGRIS Health