INTEGRIS Hospital Gets Excellent Results

INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center has been using Surgery Logistics software and was recently named a Leading Performer in Operating Room Throughput by VHA Inc., a national health care network. Staff from VHA visited the facility to observe and document many of the hospital’s perioperative practices.

VHA was impressed with the surgery team’s efficiency, especially in the area of time management. The hospital is credited for demonstrating true success in both decreasing delays and improving turn-over times between surgical cases.

The INTEGRIS clinical practice has been “Blue-printed” as a leading practice by VHA and is featured on VHA’s Leading Practice Portal™, enabling other hospitals and surgery centers to learn from INTEGRIS’ practice. INTEGRIS Southwest Medical Center is one of only three institutions being recognized for its surgery practices.

VHA serves 1,400 not-for-profit hospitals and more than 30,000 non-acute care health care organizations throughout the country. VHA specializes in hospital analytics, clinical improvement, and supply chain management.

INTEGRIS Health is the state’s largest Oklahoma-owned not-for-profit health system with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physician clinics, mental health facilities, independent living centers and home health agencies throughout much of the state. For more information, read their press release.