Health Care Resolution: Better Delivery by Design

Featured in the January 2013 edition of OKBiz Magazine, Dr Keley John Booth shares how to help local medical providers take a quantum leap when it comes to delivering surgical care more efficiently.

“Literally, from the moment patients walk in the door, we have problems, and it’s what I came to refer to as the logistics of the health care environment. And it is something that is largely ignored in most facilities within our health care system today,” Booth says. Using Surgery Logistics, patients are tracked from the moment they enter the facility, and their progress along the way is communicated via smartphones, tablets and touchscreen computers to each member of the surgical team. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and support staff are notified in real time of the status of patients, or of any delays. Staff can communicate in a matter of seconds throughout the entire department.

Contact Surgery Logistics to find out more about how the face of health care soon will be changing at 800-781-1220.