Truly Patient Focused.

Every aspect of our peri-procedure care centers on patient safety, comfort, and convenience. Outstanding patient experiences are our standard.


The difficulties and complexities of having a procedure performed at a hospital or surgical center result in a less than satisfying experience for millions of patients and their families every year. Combine this reality with the fact these are also the most expensive care environments in which to have your minor procedure performed. The focus is less on you as an individual patient and more on pushing you through a rigid and potentially unfriendly environment. The hours of waiting, the staff confusion, the lack of privacy, and lack of a personal touch are commonplace in these larger facilities. Is there a better option?


You may have recently seen the term “concierge healthcare” on the news or maybe read an article that discusses this growing trend. Office-based procedures provide the many of the benefits of this type of high-end, patient centered care at a significant discount compared to surgical hospital care. While major surgical procedures may require very expensive medical equipment, minor outpatient procedure patients receive no benefit from this added expense. In fact, the cost of purchasing and maintaining the expensive infrastructure results in much higher costs being passed on to hospital patients despite the lack of benefit to patients.

Due to modern advancements in minimally invasive outpatient surgery technology, a growing number of patients are benefitting from office based procedures. Patients appreciate the availability of options that result in lower cost, more patient focused experiences, and a more specialized and experienced team of healthcare providers.


Surgery Logistics leads the way to empower office based procedure specialists in order to transform healthcare for their patients benefit. We are truly passionate about delivering patient centered care with our fellow office based specialists. Our team looks forward to working with you very soon!